Our "Blast-it-Out" Software takes our classifieds and blasts each one out to 1,000's of websites in the USA and Canada.
We have done the legwork and automated the process so that once we load your ad into our software, we just have to "Start" the process and it populates all of those sites in under 4 hours.

If an individual wanted to cut and paste just 100 ads at only 15 minutes per ad, it would take over 25 hours... 1000 ads would take
6 1/4, 40 hour work weeks and at 8$ per hour that would amount to $2000 ...and we auto-post to 100's of sites... daily!

Over $4,560,000 in mobile homes/park models have been sold using our marketing in our first year of offering our "BLAST" software solution! The second year we helped sell over $6,000,000. 
....And the "one-time-fee" is cheap!
....And you stay blasted out until it sells!
....Awesome bargain!

Park Models, Mobile Homes, Manufactured Housing and any listings that are Real Estate related are blasted 

to these sites in your own backyard in addition to craigslist, backpage, ebay, offerup etc..