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  • 2003
  • Newell MotorCoach
  • 42-102
  • 82733
  • Diesel
  • Automatic
  • 500
  • 4
  • Detroit 60
  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • Excellent
  • Excellent


Seller's Comments and Description:

Built for Comfort and Luxury All Year Long
Your Newell is built to be warm in winter, cool in summer, and quiet all year long.

The coach walls and ceiling are insulated with 1.5-inch polyurethane foam. Five-eighths-inch plywood is riveted to the interior aluminum wall framing for added strength. The floor decking is a “sandwich” of wood laminated to a thick layer of rigid foam over steel, which adds to the vehicle’s strength and quiet interior. All windows are double-paned, insulated, tinted glass, frameless and flush-mounted on the exterior.
The Body: Lightweight and Refined The same aluminum fuselage construction techniques used to build aircraft make the Newell body exceptionally strong yet light in weight. An aluminum skin is securely attached to extruded aluminum bows with space-age 3M mastics. This produces a smooth, rivet-free finish. Body panels are secured at each seam by flush, heavy-duty fasteners that meet Newell’s high standards for strength and refinement. Molded, reinforced, fiber-composite panels are used for the front-end and rear-end caps and in some of the more complex trim forms of the Newell body. These allow for the complex shapes of the Newell’s unique, advanced styling. The Newell base-coat/clear-coat paint system produces the ultra-smooth, eye-appealing surface you’d expect to see on a fine automobile.

• Three 12 Volt Outlets at Dash Desk
• Four 12 Volt Outlets at head of Bed
• Flex Lightning Behind Valance in Toilet Room
• Hose Bibb on Curbside Tankage
• Automatic Generator Star Low Battery Voltage
• Two 42" Plasma TV's
• Flex Lightning Under Countertops ( Galley, Vanity)
• Windows Both Ends of #1 and #4 Slide-Out
• Extra Back-Up Lights.
• Hella Projector Beam mounted low
• Flip Down rear View Monitor
• 2nd Camera Rear View System
• Paint Satellite Dome
• Weatherproof Receptacle Each Side Of Coach Through Storage Bay Floor Access From Underneath
• 2 Rooftop on Separate Plug in Shoreline Compartment
• 2nd Buddy Plug
• Eight 110 Receptacles Inside Coach on Separate Plug in Shoreline Comprtment Switch @ Bed
• Lighted Rocker Switch Inside Coach
• No Window Awnings
• 2nd Power Awning
• Trash Compactor
• Five Extra Nights Lights
• 110 Plug in AFT Slide-Out Closet
• 110 Plug in Rear Closet
• Thermostat and Switches by Bed from AFT Wall To Vanity
• All Bedroom Lights on Dimmers
• Four 110 Outlets in Bay Compartment
• Generator Start and Stop in Bedroom
• Curbside Air Dump
• 2nd Entry Door ( Locate Driver's Side)
• Roof Air 4Th
• Roof deck 7'x12' with Landing @ Rear
• Desk in Front of Co-Pilot ( Fixed)
• 2 Sofas in Living Area
• Fixed Shower Head
• Flush Windows
• No Mirrors on Closet Rear Coach

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